Wednesday, February 25, 2009


There is a moment of clarity
When I let go of yesterday,
Banish thoughts of tomorrow,
And embrace only today.


There is a world out there
Spinning out of control
With a few that "have" and
The rest on the "dole."
The plight for most is an awful shame,
There are those who wish only to blame.
The political pundits who traverse this scene
Are bereft of ideas and can only demean. 
The country flounders, leaders can't cope,
We wander a landscape devoid of hope.
Enlightened arrogance is ever growing,
Failure our destiny without care or knowing.
Isn't it enough we struggle to eat, have
A roof over out heads, shoes on our feet?
The path we tread will test our will,
For us to survive will take real skill.
I only hope we can travel as one,
If we cannot nothing will get done.

Monday, February 23, 2009


The orange flame shines in the night
Piercing the gloom with its tiny light.
The candle flickers all aglow,
Hiding the memories of long ago.
Puffs of smoke drift away,
Like kitten paws in relentless play.
I huddle closer to the flame
Moth and man we are the same.
I wonder how long my candle will glow?
Is there a message that I should know?
My little candle melts down in size
And will soon be gone before my eyes.
Will there be an ethereal light?  or,
Will I be lost to that endless night?


The old doors close,
Locking away memories,
Squandered opportunities,
Spilt drinks and all
The missed kisses.
A daughter with tears
And no bedtime stories.
A little league game fading
Into a colorless haze.
I search desperately for
A new door to open, the one
With sunlight shining on a day
Filled with love and smiles.
There is a life worth recording, not
The dance of the damned or a song of
Forgotten hope with no tomorrows.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Running With The Wind

Running with the wind,
Branches swaying with
Autumn leaves dancing
To natures eternal song.
Blades of grass sparkle
With the morning dew
Providing a carpet ready
For the September day.
My heart is pounding as
Rivulets of sweat pour down
My weather beaten face as
I continue to grind out
Mile after mile, enduring
Pain and loneliness in 
The hope of staving off
Infirmity, illness, muscle fatigue
And yes:
Fear of the inevitable, an eternity
Without warning, the last stanza of
A poem written with tears, and a 
Recording of a life in search of resolution.
I charge on, hair matted on a damp scalp,
Eyes stinging from perspiration long ignored.
A golden sun rises offering a beacon of hope
As it traverses a blue, cloudless sky.
The pressure in my ears shouts a warning,
"You better stop this torture or you will......"
The thought ends as I see my puppy waiting
At the hill top, tail wagging, ready for the day.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Fear is standing still, doing nothing.
Fear is waking in the morning and
Not letting the sun pierce the darkness.
Fear is dwelling in the shadows of my mind,
Watching the world turn, not giving a damn.
Fear is walking down the street, feeling naked,
Having people pass by not seeing me, not caring.
Fear is the loneliness crowding a languorous mind.
Fear is a tear falling to the floor with with
No one to see  it, or care, its fate only to dry up.
And fear is being lost in your own story, without end.

On Senility

Reflecting on senility,
It is my fragility
Which leads to hostility,
Preventing my ability
To achieve some humility.