Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Time slides by,

Thoughts of

Long July days

Are now crisp

Autumn evenings.

How easy to become

Mesmerized by the

Sunset exquisitely dying

In the shadows of dusk.

Sadly, the pages of the

Calendar turn quickly,

Showing no quarter for

Missed opportunities.

Reaching for a coat, I

Long for yesterday,

With shorts and tees,

Forgetting summer's

Penalty of bug bites

And aching sunburn.

Hopefully, the panorama

Of drifting autumn leaves

Will offer some magical

Elixir justifying my having

Found a way to smugly

Lounge through life.

Friday, June 12, 2009



The fear inside is palpable,

Causing a mumbling and

Stumbling in a headlong

Effort to simplify heroically a

Life spinning out of control.

There are desperate words to

Scream for help, but no one hears.

There is only the wild, staccato of

Threats, bouncing off hastily

Erected walls used to fend off

All attempts at reason.

The message is loud and clear

“Enlightened arrogance is here.”

Where do you go now?  Who cares?

The noise drones on, fear lives.


Monday, June 8, 2009



Trying to establish your

Identity is hard, 20’s or 30’s,

Doesn’t matter, it’s hard.

You feel marginalized- by

One and all-through their

Exhaustive indifference,

It’s hard.  You are the

Undisputed leader of

“Nowhere Ville, it’s hard.”

Don’t know if it’s pride,

Don’t know if it’s denial,

Asking for help-it’s hard.

You’ve made it through

High school and college,

Time to find a job-now,

It’s hard; doors slammed,

Phone calls and emails are

Ignored or politely dismissed.

It’s hard, yesterdays dream

Has become today’s nightmare.

It is everyone else’s fault with

No one offering a helping hand.

Maybe it’s time to try being

The hero in your own life,

             IT’S HARD.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nature and Inspiration


I stood there like a mast

On an old Spanish galleon,

Swaying in the winter wind

Being pulled in all directions.

The intensity of the storm

Tugged at my hair, stung

My eyes and cheeks as needle

Like spray knifed into every pore.

The steel pewter clouds above

Hung carelessly, so close to the

Whitecaps they seemed to touch.

I could smell the rain even before it

Washed my face in a wet frenzy.

Nature had spun her damp web,

Squeezing me with her fierceness,

Both frightening and awe-inspiring.

Then, with a final shriek it blew

Out to sea leaving me with a

Shiver in the gloom of evening.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009



Time stands still in

That granite garden

Etched in the hill.

Names and dates

Are carved in stone,

But those entombed

Lie there alone.

We wander by

The “stones” and urns

Wondering when

It will be our turn?

The cold wind blows

Across gray skies,

The mother shakes

While her baby cries.

There is no beginning,

There is no “end”, just

The deafening silence

Is your only friend.

Time has sent a calling card,

That this is home

For this lonely bard.

Monday, June 1, 2009


There is a void  I try to span
Between  the image and who I am.
I have to hope that all I need is
To take that plunge to set me free.
I must take that first step down the trail
To stand in place I will only fail.
Why is it then my knees do shake?
Is my entire future now at stake?
I have sought wise council many a day,
The answer given is "find your OWN way!"
The time has come to search my heart
For there is no other way to start.
The vacuum that is deep in me
Is so obvious a lack of humility.
I shall offer my hand to those who wish,
The failure is in not taking the risk.
So off I travel on this path to learn
Life's true fortunes that are hard to earn.