Monday, June 8, 2009



Trying to establish your

Identity is hard, 20’s or 30’s,

Doesn’t matter, it’s hard.

You feel marginalized- by

One and all-through their

Exhaustive indifference,

It’s hard.  You are the

Undisputed leader of

“Nowhere Ville, it’s hard.”

Don’t know if it’s pride,

Don’t know if it’s denial,

Asking for help-it’s hard.

You’ve made it through

High school and college,

Time to find a job-now,

It’s hard; doors slammed,

Phone calls and emails are

Ignored or politely dismissed.

It’s hard, yesterdays dream

Has become today’s nightmare.

It is everyone else’s fault with

No one offering a helping hand.

Maybe it’s time to try being

The hero in your own life,

             IT’S HARD.

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