Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Running With The Wind

Running with the wind,
Branches swaying with
Autumn leaves dancing
To natures eternal song.
Blades of grass sparkle
With the morning dew
Providing a carpet ready
For the September day.
My heart is pounding as
Rivulets of sweat pour down
My weather beaten face as
I continue to grind out
Mile after mile, enduring
Pain and loneliness in 
The hope of staving off
Infirmity, illness, muscle fatigue
And yes:
Fear of the inevitable, an eternity
Without warning, the last stanza of
A poem written with tears, and a 
Recording of a life in search of resolution.
I charge on, hair matted on a damp scalp,
Eyes stinging from perspiration long ignored.
A golden sun rises offering a beacon of hope
As it traverses a blue, cloudless sky.
The pressure in my ears shouts a warning,
"You better stop this torture or you will......"
The thought ends as I see my puppy waiting
At the hill top, tail wagging, ready for the day.

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