Thursday, April 30, 2009









Brighton by the sea

Damp and cold, the

Angry waves pounding

On the deserted beach.

The leaded grey clouds

Hurl across an icy sky,

Pausing only to empty

Their “bladder” on the way

To some unseen forever.

I stood there, clutching  

The remains of my parents,

Heavy packets of ash,

Waiting to be discharged

Into a damp winter wind.

Then, the grey particles

Fled towards the sea,

Leaving me behind with

Little more than tears and

A lifetime of blurred memories.

Suddenly, a rainbow appeared,

A colorful arc across a pewter sky,

Reflecting a sun in all its brilliance;

Then, just as suddenly, the rain,

The wind, and the lonely silence.




1 comment:

  1. Being there with you at that moment gave me an over whelming sense of freedom...It wasn't a lonely experience for me at all.