Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Starting to grow old

Gets to be a drain,

The mind is always

Racing but the body

Just remains.

Going to the gym is

All about working out

But go look in that

Damn mirror and

All you see is


Trying on those old

Jeans that use to

Look real cool, but

The button won’t

Go in that hole

And you look like

Some old fool. You

Know you put things

Somewhere, a place

You won’t forget,

Then you try and

Remember and can’t

Find them on a bet.

It seems that loss

Of memory is equal

To weight gained,

You keep on getting

Older but some things

Remain the same.

It’s all about the mind,

Ready to go on a tare,

But the body lags behind

Screaming “Hey, slow down,

I’m too old and this just isn’t fair.”

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