Sunday, January 23, 2011


There is a plateau in my mind,

Endless in size as it is flat.

I wander it’s smooth surface,

Overcome by it’s dimension,

Frightened that I can see no

Depth, nor landscape offering

The answer to why it exists.

I want to race to the edge, peer

Over the side, that omnipresent

Dangerous edge” sans safety net.

I yearn for anything that may provide

An outlet to this boundary, this single

Dimensional purgatory. My endless

Plateau-always shrouded in a stark

Hopelessness-penetrating every

Nook and cranny of my mind.

It holds me back from a real-or

Imagined-glorified destiny of purpose.

The drinking stopped, the anger abated,

The allowance of others to be first,

All an effort to move off this plateau.

Do I live that timeless quip:“Horror Vacui,

The fear of the nothing that is”?

So often I ask:is the end no more

Than a remorseless coffin?

Is this really the last plateau?

If I peer over the edge,

Will anything be there?

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