Friday, January 23, 2009

Just One More Time

My mind drifts back, decades now,
Too many drinks, the empty vows.
The road to to ruin awash with pain,
One more drink to keep me sane.
It never works but there's always hope
That one more swallow will help me cope.
I am that crusader replete with cape,
"Hey barkeep, just one more" I must escape.
The haze engulfs me, the hope now gone,
With any luck there will be no dawn.
The forgotten glory, the light and flame,
The sadness a shroud, I have no name.
This is my life and I have lost it all,
My only thought just one "last call."
The liver enlarged and the heartbeat fast,
"Just give me one more"it may be the last.


  1. hi Jon, this gave me chills. you write so beautifully.
    This would definitely fit well again, with this weekends sunday scribblings prompt. hope u check it out.xo

  2. oh, jon,, i am so glad you reposted your link.. this was a wonderful intro to your poetry and i will have to have a wander around and see what else you have offered..... lovely to meet you.....

  3. great storytelling through this poem!