Saturday, January 17, 2009

Coming Home/Pilgrimage

The summer heat radiates off the tarmac.
Shimmering waves of light bounce off
A black background announcing
Death's imminent arrival, fresh from
The killing grounds of Iraq.
Teary eyed families stare motionless,
Waiting for that giant silver coffin to taxi
Towards the hangar's cavernous entrance.
Black hearses silently await their cargo
For the final long  trip home.
There are no reporters, camermen, smiling faces,
They are forbidden by the people in Washington.
There is only the heat, tears, and the silence of
                               THE DEAD
Will we smile again?  Laugh again?
When will the carnage stop?  And the lies?
When will we stop pretending Iraq is for others?
The only sound heard is the mournful cry of a child,
Not understanding why daddy has returned
Without a hug, just a canvas bag with a long zipper.


  1. omg Jon, this is so moving and a heart wrenching reminder of the sad,senseless tragedies that are going on in our world. Excellent/poignant response to the prompt.

  2. Where have all the soldiers gone. Long time passing. Where have all the soldiers gone... Gone to graveyards every one.

    Vietnam, Iraq, and, I fervently hope, NOT Iran!

  3. tieing in the kid in the end to make it personal... so sad. great job.