Wednesday, March 11, 2009



We are cast about as though

Sprawled in a boat, a gale swirling

Around us, and very little hope.

We ignored the reminders that

We always have a choice, yet here

We are with so little to rejoice.

The soldiers we sent-off to Iraq-had

Very little hope of ever coming back.

The houses we bought without

Spending a dime, ignored the caveat,

“There is no permanence nor time.”

Our health care system, created by

The corporate “shtick”, has offered

Little hope to those who got sick.

Mr. Obama is here and directing our sails,

With pundits like Limbaugh hoping he fails.

This radio dilettante with a tiresome canard,

Is doomed to be hoisted on a very sharp petard.

This country is in trouble, that you can be sure,

Yet a sycophant like Rush is never the cure.

The “gale” will continue, causing more grief,

But in the end we’ll prevail, that’s my belief.




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