Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The simple things in life
Are what I hope to find but,
The empty sense of loneliness
Is all that plagues my mind.
I travel here and there with
The need to find some peace,
When I end this pilgrimage
My life on earth will cease.
The elevator I travel on 
Has stopped at many floors,
The fear that now confronts me
Is what's behind those doors.
I do not understand what it is
That makes me want to look,
All that I can think of  is
My life's a comic book.
I want to smile and laugh
And jump up to the sky, but
The only thing I seem to do
Is lay right down and cry.

1 comment:

  1. Jon this is so sad. I wish you could find your true bliss. That's the true secret to feeling satisfied being alone. I can attest to that. I was more lonely in a relationship of 23 years than I have ever been alone for 13. I choose to do things and be with people that make me happy. I hope you can find that!

    Sincerely Sherrie